Re-bar bending

Bar bending is a stunningly powerful experience. Imagine facing your friend and being told that between you, it's possible to bend an 8mm steel reinforcing bar between the two of you beginning with placing it in between your throats! Sound impossible? It's not. Sound like fun? It definitely is!

Bar bending can have a profound impact

Nothing is better than a physical demonstration to get the message through to the subconscious mind, the seat of our deep fears. Bar bending often has a real life impact, leading to increased confidence in the face of difficulty, and a proactive attitude when pushing through obstacles between ourselves and our goals.

Most things are possible in life but when we reach a little bit of resistance we tend to turn back and try another way. Bar bending is all about pushing through that resistance; feeling a little barrier and bursting through it with renewed energy and belief.

Member of the Firewalking Institute of Research and Education