Glass walking

Glass walkFour metres of smashed sterile wine bottle glass lie before you, the centrepiece of a glass walking event. You're invited to walk across – could you?

Glass walking isn't just about beating fear

Many of you will have heard the expression “walking on egg shells”, which is a metaphor to explain how an individual may feel in a temperamental or fragile relationship. Walking on glass is an exercise in challenging and developing the mind/body connection. It can prove to be a rewarding and unforgettable experience in your journey to a greater understanding of how to breakdown sub conscious and deep routed fears we carry around with us.

No one wakes up in the morning thinking—“I am going to walk barefoot on a pile of broken glass today to develop the mind/body connection.” It is something we are introduced to, taught how to accomplish and encouraged to achieve this unusual feat to expand our preconceived perceptions of what we can or cannot accomplish.

The first step in accomplishing this feat is to change our perception of glass. Glass is primarily made up of particles of sand. Nothing to be afraid of there! However, fire the sand to well over a thousand degrees and create glass, then we have a different understanding of its properties, uses and potential dangers. Overcoming the challenge of walking on glass is easily achievable. In order to accomplish this, it is necessary to change the thought processes (negative influence) about glass we have come to accept as the truth during our formative and impressionable years, as well as any associated thoughts related to the glass itself.

The process of altering one’s thoughts has often been conceptualized as ‘mind over matter,’ but more appropriately it could be conceptualized as ‘mind over mind.’ When people make a decision to alter their thoughts both consciously and subconsciously, we virtually eliminate the ‘tug of war’ between the minds that is often commonplace in our everyday beliefs.

In the instance of walking on glass, after merging the minds and refusing to allow any counterproductive ideas to get in the way of the intended goal, the motivated person can walk barefoot with confidence, easily and comfortably above the shards of broken glass.

Being able to walk across broken glass can be an excellent way to demonstrate to yourself that lessons we have learnt in the past don't always apply to all situations. Walking on glass is also a great way to learn about 'instant feedback' – being mindful of signals in our environment that we need to listen to. If it's sharp underfoot, yes you are probably right, so reposition and move on. Just like in real life!

Glass walking events are easy and flexible to host

A glass walking event can be run just about anywhere, indoors or out. We provide the sterilised glass and protective underlay, all you need to do is bring people to glass walk! It can also be a good standby option for a wet weather programme.

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