Charity Fire Walking Events

Give your fundraisers the chance to say they have walked on fire for your cause!

Charity fundraising can’t afford to stop, no matter what the economic climate, so you need to find a creative way to inspire the amazing people who want to raise money for your charity. Hosting a charity fire walking event is not only more exciting than asking people to run a few kilometres, fire walking has also proven to be an excellent way to raise money.

"Thank you so much for Saturday night. Everyone has spoken very highly about your seminar and you as a person. They thought you were wonderful. We raised a very respectable sum in sponsorship – £10,750 and are planning two or three either Fire or Ice Walks next year so will be in touch in due course." JANE PARSONS, Butterfly Hospice charity fire walk organiser, Boston Lincs

Fire walking is something that everyone has heard of and so many people are keen to try it. Tap into their sense of adventure by asking your fundraisers to walk on fire – getting sponsored to do so. Whether the sponsorship money is for being brave enough to try it once, or an amount for each walk across the coals (people can walk across the fire pit multiple times), we have found that when people are given the opportunity to be sponsored to fire walk, they really pull out the stops.

"I've had a fantastic response from the participants, with some raising £400 from sponsorship alone! This will help ensure that we will continue reaching people affected by cancer, I can not thank Martyn and Nick enough, as the event was excellent and I have already recommended Survivorbility Ltd to my colleagues at Macmillan Cancer Support expressing that it's such a brilliant fundraiser, and the media coverage was great!" GEMMA DIXON, MACMILLIAN CANCER SUPPORT Fundraising Manager Lincolnshire

We can advise you on the location of the fire walking charity event

If you are keen to host a charity fire walk, but are uncertain about where to run it, simply get in touch and we will advise you – we have run hundreds of fire walks in the UK and know the best venues in every region of the country. All you need to do is publicise the event and organise the sponsorship, we will bring everything on the night and run the fire walk from beginning to end.

No hidden costs, our transparent fire walking event fees include all wood and turf

Once you tell us the number of people you have in mind for your charity fire walk, we can calculate the number of fire pits required and the flat fee involved. Then you know how much minimum sponsorship everyone needs to secure to break even, anything else on top goes straight to your charity fund.

"I have done a few mad things in my life all in the name of 'raising money for charity' , walking 5 days across a desert, running several full & 1/2 marathons but the 'Fire Walk' for me was one of the most rewarding and FUN to take part of." HEATHER MCKINNEY,Eastwood Park, Falfield, Glos

Fire walking not only raises money for your charity, it helps your fundraisers

All of the benefits of fire walking can be experienced by your fundraisers, along with the knowledge that whilst they are having a life changing experience, they are also raising money.

"Exactly what I had hoped for – Thank you. I can now face life ahead with belief and I raised over £200 for Barnardos!! Let me know when you are here again – I am hooked!" SUE WILSON, BARNARDOS fire walk, Birmingham

Call us on 0845 86 86 014 and we will be delighted to answer any questions you might have.

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