Survivorbility helps Virgin Media to launch new charity fundraising campaign with high profile glass walking event

Survivorbility provided a climactic end to a day long launch event for Virgin Media with a motivational seminar culminating in a dramatic glass walk. The seminar was part of the launch of “Mission: Possible”, a nine month charity fundraising campaign across the entire Virgin Group to celebrate the fact that Virgin Money has taken over the sponsorship of the London Marathon. Survivorbility’s motivational seminar included arrow breaking, board breaking and steel bar bending, ending with a hugely successful glass walk for all participants.

Glass walking at Virgin Media charity fundraiser

Martyn glass walking at Virgin Media charity fundraiser

The launch was attended by one hundred top executives from Virgin Media. Survivorbility sourced red glass especially for the event to reinforce Virgin’s well known red brand, producing a striking path of broken glass for the attendees to walk across. In the build up to the glass walk, Martyn Helliwell gave a motivational talk about self-belief and the power to overcome fear in order to achieve extraordinary goals. As the “Mission: Possible” fund raising campaign is all about doing everything possible to raise money – not just running in the London Marathon – the message was very well received. Volunteers from the audience were shown how to break arrows on their throats, bend steel bars break solid wooden boards by harnessing the power of self-belief and focussing it into an amazing physical feat.

Glass walking as a transformative experience

All attendees walked across the six foot stretches of broken glass. “Glass walking can be a hugely transformative experience,” Martyn enthused. “Many people find it more frightening than fire walking, but if they can overcome that fear and get to the other side, they have proven how powerful the defeat of fear can be. No-one was injured, despite the fact that so many people walked across a long stretch of smashed glass bottles.” The event was held at the striking Rooftop Gardens venue in London Kensington. “The venue was absolutely fantastic,” commented Steve Stuttard, co-director of Survivorbility. “You could be forgiven for forgetting that you were in central London; the garden was beautiful and there were even flamingos!” Survivorbility has more glass walking events planned throughout the year, including fundraising events for several major UK charities.


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