Firewalk is a roaring success!

CLIC Sargent Newsletter Grampion Feb 2010

Firewalk is a roaring success!

CLIC Sargent’s first ever, daring fundraising firewalk was held Thursday 5th November 2009. People from all over the Grampian region were invited to take part in this exciting pioneering event where participants were sponsored to walk over hot coals! The event saw 15 brave souls take part!

Run by Survivorbility Ltd, the firewalk took place at Queens Link Aberdeen as part of the city’s annual fireworks display. The fifteen individuals each attended a seminar to prepare them for the challenge.

The night was a huge success with the fifteen participants all triumphantly crossing the burning coals in front of an eager audience. Thanks to these fearless firewalkers a whopping £3,500 was raised to support children and young people affected by cancer and their families across the North East.

Member of the Firewalking Institute of Research and Education