Charity Fundraising

Fire walking is an exciting way to boost your charity fundraising

Over the past five years, Survivorbility has helped charities in the UK to raise over a million pounds and we would love to help you to raise money for your charity!

Well organised charity fundraising events can raise thousands of pounds with just one fire walk. Survivorbility provides all the safety equipment and everything needed to run a safe and exciting event. We provide a confidence building seminar followed by a thrilling fire walk which is challenging for your fundraisers and exciting for the crowd.

How to raise money with a fire walking event

Fire walks can raise money for your charity by encouraging your volunteers to obtain sponsorship to walk, or you can sell tickets to participate in the seminar and walk the fire. Some charities offer a combination of options to give their fundraisers the most flexibility.

Survivorbility helped a variety of UK charities, including Macmillan and London Zoo to raise over £200,000 in 2013.

We can help you too!

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