Survivorbility – inspirational, safe and fun fire walking and glass walking events, now under new management.

Survivorbility runs fun, inspirational and safe fire walking and glass walking events for charity fundraising and corporate team building throughout the UK and around the world.

Over the past five years we have helped UK charities raise over a million pounds!

From corporate conferences to life changing personal development, from charity fund raising to magical hypnotic fire displays, Survivorbility has a proven track and safety record second to none with scores of testimonials to say just that.

Bored with the normal team building or conference event?

No more raft building! No more woolly motivational speeches forgotten on the way home. If you are serious about building unity in a team, energising yourself and your staff and proving – with a real, visceral experience – that you are capable of beating fear to achieve something that seems impossible, then you are in the right place. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Fed up with running miles dressed in a Bat Man suit for that charity fund raiser?

Survivorbility team building fire walkRaising money for charity is harder now than ever before, but charity fire walks are a proven means of raising thousands of pounds in one night. When people are sponsored to fire walk, it captures the imagination of their family and friends, and makes a refreshing change for the remarkable people who do all they can to raise money for charity. Read more about how Survivorbility can help you raise thousands for your charity.

Struggling to crack that addiction, fear or phobia?

No matter how much you may understand the reasons behind a pattern of behaviour, that knowledge may not reach the deeper parts of you that the pattern is coming from. The act of walking across a fire pit, or over several metres of broken glass – despite being frightened – can prove to your deepest self that you need not be limited by fear any more. Contact us to find out more about fire walking and glass walking to beat fear and addiction.

Or do you simply just want to fire walk because you can?

Great! Get in touch to arrange a fire walking event local to you, or find out if any fire walks are planned in your area.

Fire walking has a long tradition

Some claim that fire walking was invented in their lifetime, or even that they own the rights to such an event in whatsoever format, but it’s simply not true.

The oldest recorded fire walk occurred over 4,000 years ago in India when two Brahmin priests were competed to see who could walk further over hot coals. The victor's triumph was recorded in writing surviving to this day.

Walk on fire with a reputable fire walking company

Survivorbility has a long track record of safe fire walking events and glass walking events across the globe. There is risk, but we manage it properly, and as Survivorbility has extensive experience of running large corporate training events for blue chip companies, you can be sure that we are reliable, plan well and ensure everything runs like clockwork. We run fire walking and glass walking events throughout the world and across all of the UK (including the UK's most northerly fire walk!) so no matter where you are, we can run an event that will be a life changing experience you will never forget.

"The strangest secret in the world is that you become what you think about " – Earl Nightingale

Member of the Firewalking Institute of Research and Education